Happiness has been used as guide to the good life for thousands of years. It can though just as easily lead us awry as direct us towards a life well lived. If we use the over-arching category of happiness as our aim for life we are likely to end up in problems...

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The book was born from an interest in what makes people happy. This is a universal question and was born from trying to explore what makes me happy. It was also born from a frustration with what has been conventionally offered. My personal search for happiness had been through conventional spiritual routes but I was finding many of these less meaningful over time. It seemed to me that the search for happiness was what my search was about. This book has been as much a personal voyage of discovery about the nature of happiness and the consequences of my reflections on the subject matter.

Julian C Haines

I have been working in the mental health field for over 25 years. This has led me to want to understand what makes people happy and how people can have more control over what brings joy into their lives. This has been a long project to try to understand more fully the nature of happiness and how we can best harness it.